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June 21, 2009

G20 summit – apprehension

Filed under: John Ellis — zavaell @ 06:51

An HSBC employee waits the arrival of the protestors



  1. This works well with or without the title. Just seen as an image it hints at lots of possibilities. The photographic equivalent of a short story.

    Comment by Colin — June 23, 2009 @ 21:19

  2. I think the title adds an extra degree: the opening hours sign, the bank man’s gaze and the look the other way create dramatic tension.
    without the title, I think critical context is lost.

    Comment by doonster — June 25, 2009 @ 18:10

  3. The color here is wonderful– with what I consider your signature reds. The bright red spot of the tie surrounded by greens seems especially fortunate. I’m with Colin in that it doesn’t require the title to work. Very well composed.

    Comment by Christina — June 27, 2009 @ 20:51

  4. The title makes it a neighbour to its predecessors but it would work with many other titles (waiting).

    I was reminded of Howard.

    Comment by Rex — June 28, 2009 @ 19:52

  5. Thanks for comments. In addition to the title, I think that is a police van reflected in top half of the door.

    Rex – a gap in my knowledge – who is Howard?

    Comment by John Ellis — June 29, 2009 @ 07:05

  6. Very . . . planar. Might try it in B&W too.

    Comment by matt — June 29, 2009 @ 19:51

  7. Wow! So many threes at play here not sure where to start. The chap in the suit’s poster like quality is particularly haunting. Great use of colour too. Well seen.

    Comment by akikana — July 3, 2009 @ 06:21

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