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December 4, 2009

Tube (Subway)

Filed under: Rex — Rex @ 15:24

Anish Kapoor at the RA, Courtauld's and Norman Parkinson in a day, great.



  1. The effect of motion on the Underground roundel on the RH side of the carriage is rather fascinating. This seems to be going fast – is it passing through or is that a really slow shutter speed?

    Whatever the situation, the end result looks very good. My only criticism is that you make the Tube look so clean, bright, modern and efficient!! Mind you, some stations have been improved considerably and with new rolling stock this is plausible.

    The colour layers are here to be enjoyed.

    Comment by John Ellis — December 7, 2009 @ 08:02

  2. As John says: a gross misrepresentation of the London Tube system :-)

    The central figure holds the picture very well and makes this about more than just the colours. The yellow line is perhaps a slightly too bright underlining of the whole event.

    Comment by Colin — December 7, 2009 @ 11:02

  3. With all those horizontals the vertical passengers do become more important. Good that you can see them in detail. I don’t find the yellow (or white) line underlining the event but act more as a step to launch you into the detailed background. The white arrow in the flooring along the bottom is also a strong visual pointer.

    Comment by akikana — December 10, 2009 @ 03:46

  4. An eye-catching design at first glance with those colors and motion — but it is the people and view seen through the windows that keep my interest — that central figure is very well placed.

    Like John, I would be interested in knowing more about this image — how fast the train was moving and shutter speed, etc.

    Comment by Christina — December 15, 2009 @ 19:40

  5. EXIF data is still in the image, E3, 1/10s, f2.8, ISO400, 11mm, 11-22mm. Sitting on a bench using arms on knees as tripod, train arriving, near stopping. The bit about the bench isn’t in the EXIF data!

    Comment by Rex — December 15, 2009 @ 22:20

    • I researched the EXIF standard once. I’m pretty sure that there wasn’t a field for furniture.

      Comment by colinjago — December 16, 2009 @ 07:34

  6. It’s the balance of the three figures – L, R, centre – that’s really making it work for me. Agree with Colin on the yellow line – works better on the low saturation/contrast monitor at work.

    Comment by doonster — December 16, 2009 @ 06:26

  7. I am going to enter this into an exhibition so I’ll try de-saturating the yellow a bit, thanks for that.

    Comment by Rex — December 16, 2009 @ 08:13

  8. A marvelous sense of motion enhanced wonderfully by the vivid colors. The train appears to be flying by. I can hear the sounds.

    Comment by anitajesse — December 17, 2009 @ 00:01

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