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October 31, 2010

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Since Colin announced that it was his plan to wind down Stills at the end of October, two of us, Rex and John, have made arrangements with him to take over the administration of the site and that is, in effect complete. In simple terms we believe that not only was the original idea a brilliant one but that the last five years have seen it translated into practice in a way to benefit everyone who has participated. However, like all projects Stills has its cycle of more intense activity and lulls and we believe that it is best to let those staying on recharge their batteries while we invite new members and look at various new ideas to incorporate into the current model. Stills will, therefore, be closed for posting but still work for comments for a month and will reopen at the end of November, by which time the new guidelines for the project will be published. One of the ideas that we shall be looking at is for members who wish only to comment and not post photos. Should anyone reading this wish to participate in that way please contact rex (@) This is not intended as a 2nd class membership but recognises that circumstances such as life pressures sometimes make full participation difficult. The site is still open for comments so please do so if you wish. This post can be used for open discussions about the direction we might take. Members may email if preferred.



  1. It has been very encouraging that the general consensus of Stills members has been that the site should continue. Having said that, it seems that the original dynamic has changed somewhat as people’s circumstances, such as their ability to find time to take photos or to comment on a reasonably regular basis, have changed. Looking at the ‘about’ section of Stills to see how Colin’s original founding ‘manifesto’ reads now leads one to conclude that there is little that needs changing if one wants to ensure that the original idea is kept alive.

    My feeling is that a few tweaks would be useful to allow both flexibility and breathing space to busier members. I also think that having some new members would allow those less able to contribute at any particular time to be able to take a break without being concerned about meeting any sort of quota, whether it be in posts or comments. It would also ensure different styles and subject matter add some variety. There is the danger, however, that those not posting for whatever reason but willing to comment will not welcome too fast a rate of posting so it might be worth asking those posting to do so only if nothing has been posted on that particular day: in other words, one post a day to see how that works out. Any opinions on that would be welcome. We could probably absorb another two or three members so if anyone would like to invite a new member then please put the possibility to Rex so that the numbers game can be controlled.

    Robert suggested that members could ask to have a project assessed. I presume that that wouldn’t happen so often that it would be too much of a burden. There are a number of ways of doing that: a folder on a member’s website, a Flickr set, an advanced-type Sofobomo PDF or even creating a new member folder (eg Robert project) on Stills. Again, as somebody with limited IT skills, I offer ideas rather than solutions.

    I put this up as a comment to encourage some debate on any of the above, particularly over the rate of posting, before the site goes live again but if people would prefer to send e-mails that is fine.

    Comment by zavaell — November 17, 2010 @ 12:21

  2. I have attempted to put a project within a Stills format blog but was unable to do it sensibly. If anyone would like to see the attempts they are at and if you have an idea of how to do it then let me know and I’ll make you a member of the experimental site so you can have a go.

    Comment by Rex — November 17, 2010 @ 13:48

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