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February 12, 2012

Going Home

Filed under: Rex — Rex @ 19:21

We were just on our way back from the National Theatre when.............



  1. I love this shot Rex, I am surprised that nobody has commented yet. Were you waiting with the camera just above the ground until some interesting person walked by? The play of the lines of the balustrades and the suspension ropes of the bridge is very nice. Good that there is still some residual light in the sky and the clouds can be seen. The lady’s red plastic bag creates a nice contrast with the rest of the image. Her movement blur is just good, not too much and not too little. And she is looking at you, possibly thinking that you must be nuts kneeling there in the rain, lol.

    Comment by Cem — February 17, 2012 @ 23:47

  2. Following on from Cem, it is interesting to note that his comment didn’t come up in my RSS feed. Disregard – it now has!

    To be honest, I am not quite so enthusiastic as Cem. Yes, the play of lines with the balustrade is fun but it is a difficult structure to use to give form in a photo and although there is a very good echo in the Charing Cross structure at the far end of the occasional arch shape on the bridge I don’t feel that the bridge is resolved enough to work fully. The Savoy (I think) on the right and the other lit building are rather too much bit players. It’s a difficult balance but the position of the woman leaves a little bit too much foreground space before one gets to her. On the other hand I like her ‘blackness’ with the umbrella completing an incorporeal appearance (the red bag brings her alive). Yes the red is good but the reddish-brown tinge to the walking surface rather diminishes it.

    Maybe each of my points can be countered and it is difficult to pick out exactly what it is that prevents one fully liking something fully.

    Comment by zavaell — February 18, 2012 @ 08:01

  3. I’ve looked at this quite a lot and I agree with Cem that the amount of lur on the lay is perfect and I like the idea. too. However, it’s not really working as a whole for me. Somehow it’s just a bit to anodyne and the rlationships in the picture don’t pull togther to elevate it to the point that it gels. I know that’s a bit vague and John’s comments, particularly about the background buildongs, probably sum it up better.

    Cem’s right though, did the lady give you a funy ;ook as you crouched there with your camera?

    Comment by sojournerphoto — February 22, 2012 @ 02:16

  4. hhmm, caged animal pacing.
    I like the front foot captured sharper than the woman’s body and umbrella. There are some colour contrasts here but it is predominantly muddy amber, is the colour important, I don’t know but it maybe the thing that does not work for me.

    Comment by rhoehne — March 12, 2012 @ 22:18

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