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June 20, 2012

The Entrance

Filed under: Chris — cgcooke @ 23:54

The Entrance

…. right here I’m afraid. My apologies from breaking the theme.



  1. In many ways I like this – it carries a very British feel for an institutional building (maybe exported to former colonies too!). The half view through the door more than carries its weight in conveying the sense of place, along with the light weakening as it falters in the dark. Whether the pov should have been shifted slightly to cut out the window is a moot point. The big question is whether the negative space on the right, even with the shadowed figure and the jug of juice (?), ends up being too much. For me it is a bit too much and the jug of juice, although making one wonder why it is there, spoils the form slightly.

    Comment by zavaell — June 26, 2012 @ 06:42

    • This building was once a primary school (English) which I think explains the British institutional building feeling that you refer to John. It is now utilized by a music cooperative and we were there to celebrate our grandaughter’s 9th birthday. Earlier they’d enjoyed a recording session in a recording studio, but this was the room (probably the old hall) where they were having a “disco”. I was having fun experimenting with the potentially fit inducing lighting, but turned round at some point and spotted the alternative potential of the aperture that was the doorway.
      The effect on the lighting was very good but felt on its own was not enough. So, in effect, I totally agree that the –ve space on the right was too much. So my approach was to set the exposure in manual mode then wait and see what opportunities arose.
      I thought this worked but realised that it is yet again one of those images that is going to be affected by viewing conditions and I must admit that even in a darkened room and a black background to the image there is precious little detail to be gleaned from the figure.
      I realise my perceptions of the image are also tainted by the fact that I actually know what is going on those shadows. I wonder though would it have influenced the perceptions of others if I had titled the image “The furtive entrance”.

      Comment by cgcooke — June 27, 2012 @ 11:36

  2. jug of juice, my monitor must be to dark, both monitors calibrated the same so I’m missing that.
    Older buildings in Australia definitley have this look and feel, heavy and with passages of little light.
    Oh I think I see what may be a jug of juice with a red highlight on it, wondered what that was.
    The play of person in the lit area and the person in the dark area works to make me ask why each person is in the area they are.

    Comment by rhoehne — June 27, 2012 @ 06:48

  3. All the monitors I use are set up but even then I find that images like this can appear quite different due the differing performance at the dark end. I don’t think it requires much of a difference for details to appear or not. On my laptop I can easily see the young girl fleeing from the door which introduces a bit of intrigue into the image, I admit that the jug of red stuff is a bit mystifying. :-)

    Comment by Rex — July 4, 2012 @ 19:59

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