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June 24, 2012

Welcome Sun (From the Saddle)

Filed under: Robert Hoehne — rhoehne @ 04:07

Rode 205km yesterday, wearing a camera around my neck and ready to take photos.  This one at the 109km mark while travelling at 20kmph.  I travelled for many hours in the shadows of the river cliffs which made for a cold ride, any short periods in the sun were very invigorating.

In 21km I’d be climbing out of the valley, in 22km time I’d be asking myself what I was doing here. 10km of climbing later and the gradient easing off, recovering and looking forward to lunch.


  1. It is almost as if one was in two different countries either side of the road. I wonder if those who planted the trees knew what effect they would achieve. In taking this, I trust you had as good control of the bike as of the camera – it can’t be easy trying to get the most out of either activity!

    The backdrop is very strong as a part of the image. Without your text, it is possible to imagine it to be an unlit canyon in the city as I see ‘windows’ there. The finished product is very punchy and invigorating as well and one can imagine the journey as you describe it.

    Comment by zavaell — June 27, 2012 @ 06:33

  2. This has quite a brilliant light effect and I imagine it to be difficult with a wide dynamic range. I think you’ve done an admirable job keeping it “real” but still very vibrant. The shadows across the road are especially pleasing.

    Comment by Christina — August 1, 2012 @ 05:17

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