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October 29, 2013

Sorry, I don’t like to hog consecutive posts, but

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  1. The mannequins enhance the surreal cleanliness of this image as does the tonal range. The image has a very beautiful technical feel, difficult to pin down what gives it that feel but if you could bottle it I’d buy some. :-)

    Comment by Rex — October 30, 2013 @ 18:54

    • PS We are not currently complaining about activity! :-) A bit more of it would be enjoyable. :-)

      Comment by Rex — November 3, 2013 @ 06:28

  2. Rex describes the look of the photo very well. There is the element of ‘this is for the very rich’ about it and a slight feeling of Japanese Geisha girls in the way the mannequins are dressed and present themselves. On the face of it this seems an empty picture but the ‘message’ and the mystery wrapped up in the scene invite questions.

    Comment by zavaell — November 1, 2013 @ 07:34

  3. Well I thought it looked like a scene from a kitchen supplier’s display and a quick check using the name in the background confirmed it. The images that are thrown up on the website might help explain the elusive feel that Rex refers to, but the inclusion of the mannequins add to this an altogether different layer of ambience.

    Comment by cgcooke — November 3, 2013 @ 21:58

  4. This is interesting for me on a couple of levels.

    First it’s ridiculously clean and has lovely tonality, despite being a handheld grab through a window at night. I used iso 1250 and got f4 or 5.6. Yet that character suited the image.

    I was first interested in the ‘Geisha like’ qualities of the mannequins – dressed only in aprons and relatively revealing at that, creates an interesting set of subliminal messages. These can speak to both the female seeking a self image and role or male seeking a ‘Stepford wife’ I suspect. All this is, I think complemented by the very clean, precision of the representation.

    What is most surprising to me, and reflected in your comments, is that the image is somehow very different than the scene. I’m normally really just a documentarian, but this picture, whilst faithful, is somehow as much comment as document – certainly I feel it is not the thing pictured.

    Sorry to ramble, just something that has struck me over the last few days.


    Comment by sojournerphoto — November 6, 2013 @ 00:34

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