Stills V3

November 22, 2014

Dublin (Just Now)

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  1. I find myself captivated by the three geometric shapes. What three shapes? you might ask. Well the key to all three is the isosceles triangle of the pole(?) Then there is the right angled triangle formed by two of the image borders and the hypotenuse partly formed by the “lower” edge of the pole (or whatever it is) and is continued to the right hand border by a line of cloud. The third shape has four sides, one of which being the line of cloud just referred to and looks to me like another isosceles triangle that has been truncated on the right hand side by one of the image borders. If anybody knows what such a geometric shape is called, please let me know.

    Another thing that catches my eye is those shapes on the pole(?) that are similar to the shapes of the clouds. Which could be because they are reflections of the clouds, but I don’t think they are. To me they look wet patches that provide partial reflections of the clouds.

    Another carefully composed image.

    Comment by cgcooke — November 22, 2014 @ 23:48

  2. I have photographed this before and I try to avoid the obvious. See HERE

    Comment by Rex — December 21, 2014 @ 21:09

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