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April 10, 2016

Walking back to the car 1

Filed under: Mike — sojournerphoto @ 13:07


I will probably lighten this a little for a print, but grabbed as I walke dback to the car along the beach the other day. I think it was darker than it looks;)



  1. There is an optical dilemma which I find interesting. The front of the bench is sharper than the bit that is highest illumination. So I am led to the centre of the image by the brightness of the bench but to the edge due to the sharpness. I actually like the darkness of the picture but that may just be a phase I am going through :-)
    I know Nigel knows of Doro’s work See HERE and I find her dark images really appealing, Not sure if anyone else knows Doro?. Doro is also a lensbaby fan.

    Comment by Rex — April 16, 2016 @ 15:31

  2. For whatever it’s worth, I like the darkness of it, too.

    Comment by Christina — May 10, 2016 @ 02:43

    • Worth a lot to me ….. :-)

      Comment by Rex — May 10, 2016 @ 15:05

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