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Consultation Update

We have raised the image size limit to 1024*768 px. If the image is too big for your monitor it will mess up the page format.

We are happy that Sets in Progress are posted within one posting. If this is done then WordPress puts the last loaded image first. (Create a new post then upload multiple images, do them one at a time) If anyone knows other technical methods of doing this in a better way please share!

Posting frequency should be best described as fair use, remembering that we ask members to comment on all images.

Stills Latest

Stills as set up by Colin had a simple but effective template that allowed a group of a certain size to post photos with reasonable regularity expecting considered comment from all the other members.  The maximum number was set at 10 but that was never reached and most of the time sat at around 8 with an occasional blip to 9.  That model ran for over 4 years and is still extant in ‘About’.

As Stills reopens nothing changes in the basic concept: one posts and others comment.  But, as all good generals find out, the facts on the ground change, as do people’s circumstances.  At the moment there are quite a few members who would like to continue but are unable to participate fully.  Some suggestions have been made and to allow the site to continue Rex and I thought that the following temporary modifications would help all of us, whether able to participate fully or only from time to time:

1)  Commenting only.  If any member would like only to comment but not post then they should feel free to do so

2)  Posting etiquette.  For those who are busy with other work- or family-related demands it can be daunting to be confronted with a large number of new photos all at once so we are all encouraged to look to see whether someone has already posted on a day that we would like to do so and, if that is the case, to wait a day.  In other words, without being too prescriptive about it, we are all encouraged to keep the weekly rate to one a day when possible.  In current circumstances that will probably work out quite well.

3)  Commenting.  As the original intent of Stills was to give considered critiques we are all encouraged to allow time to assess a photo before giving such a reasoned comment.

4) Projects. We recommend that you post a link to your project on Stills and invite Stills members to comment within Stills. That will enable a dialogue to take place.

Original Objectives

Stills is a collaborative photoblog with an emphasis on learning and sharing. Visitors are welcome to browse, but should note that only comments made by current members will be allowed through moderation.

The aim is to have as few rules as possible consistent with the site working as a shared space from which all members can learn and which all members enjoy using.

Members are encouraged to post approximately weekly. This means that on most days there will be one new photograph to look at and think about.

Weekly posting will not be enforced. However, if you have not posted at all in a month, please get in touch to confirm that you wish to maintain your membership. This is OK. There are times when life will get in the way. Everybody will understand this.

Please do not post new work more than five times in a month. The point of posting pictures is to get thoughtful and helpful comments back. If you send too many pictures other members will likely skim over your work more lightly.

Members should aim to comment on all posted pictures. Again this will not be rigidly enforced, but if you want good feedback about your work you should expect to do the same for others. Member who only take and who do not give will be requested to leave.

Comments should be helpful or informative or both. If you think a work is good, say so, but say why. If you think a work is bad, then say so, but say why. Try to separate out aesthetic comments from technical ones. Before leaping in please consider that a technical weakness may be an aesthetic strength.

Offensive language will result in an immediate bar being put on your account.

The maximum size of the membership is ten. Membership is by invitation. All members will have the opportunity to nominate a new member when there is a suitable vacancy.

Visitor FAQ

Why can’t I post a comment?

Only members can post pictures or comments. Membership is by invitation.

Why can’t I become a member?

The concept behind the site can only support a limited size of membership. Members join by invitation. If you find the idea of the site appealing then it is easy to replicate. We would be happy to publicise similar groups.

Can I contact a member?

Members have their personal homepages linked from their names below each post. This will give you access to more information about the member. Not all members will wish to be contacted. This is their decision.

Can I contact the site?

The site administrator is available at rex(@) Remove brackets!


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