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October 23, 2012

Wayside vendor and family

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Hi folks,
It’s been many months since I have been active here due to personal circumstances. Luckily, things have been sorted out and thanks to a nudge from Rex, here I am again. This is a family of lace vendors, who have setup their stall out on the road next to a large touristic resort. I have taken the picture because the scene has intrigued me and due to the contrasts in light.

Wayside vendor and family

March 9, 2012

Misty Winter Morning

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John has seen this picture of mine on flickr and has nudged me to share it in Stills. I happily oblige, of course. :)

The image was taken at the beginning of February, when we had a spell of extreme cold weather here in the Netherlands. One night we had a lot of snowfall and the night temperature was -22.8 degrees Centigrade making it the coldest in the past 56 years. The next morning there was a lot of mist and I happened to be visiting Rotterdam briefly. I have decided to go up the Euromast (96 meters high on the viewing platform) for shooting a panorama; one showing these extreme winter conditions. I was kind of expecting to run into some other photographers up there, considering the unique weather and the resulting scenery. However, I was the only one except for a couple of tourists.

I happened to have the camera with me but not my tripod. However, the far away distances meant that parallax would not be a problem in stitching. This one was taken with the TSE 24mm lens shifted down to include more of the foreground in the pano. In total 10 frames in portrait stand with some 50% overlap. The 750 pixels wide standard of Stills does not do real justice to the image, so here is a larger version if you want to take a look.

Misty Winter Morning

February 19, 2012

Beach in winter

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Beach in winter



January 22, 2012

Untitled #10

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Untitled #10

December 29, 2011


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November 7, 2011


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October 18, 2011

Town gossip

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Town gossip

August 6, 2011


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Pals, Catalunya

This one was taken in the medieval city of Pals in Catalunya, around midnight. I have chosen to process it in BW since the color of the street lamps gave the picture an ugly hue. The picture is all about the verticals, arches, curves, doors, windows and the winding path in the picture, each one within another. It fits in with my on-going portals series. In this context I want to create images which makes us think about our existence and how each decision along the way changes it. The decisive moment is frozen by the picture, it is up to the looker to imagine how it will continue.

July 9, 2011


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Sorry for being away for so long, I have been extremely busy at work and I haven’t done any mentionable shooting in months. This one is taken just today.

May 7, 2011


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